Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie Mühlviertler Kernland (Mühlviertler Kernland equestrian adventure academy)

Rainbach im Mühlkreis, Oberösterreich, Österreich

In the rolling countryside in the heart of the Mühlviertel, everything revolves around horses. The horse enthusiasts of the region have made the variety of learning with and from our friendly four-legged companions their mission. And you, dear guest, are more than welcome here. As a friend, as a horseback rider, and as a person who wants to live and breathe the joy of life in the encounters, the work, and the sport with horses.

You will experience hospitality, warmth, and quality not only in the equestrian facilities but also in dealing with the great quadrupeds that are our equal partners in all aspects of equestrianism and therapy. The horses live in an environment that is appropriate for the species and full of respect - and we do not treat our guests and visitors any differently: Here in the Mühlviertler Kernland (centre of the Mühlviertel), you will experience so much more than a holiday. Here you can refuel on power, energy, and joy of life. You are always welcome here - with and without your own horse. We would like to encourage you to see for yourself that the greatest happiness on earth is not on the back of a horse but in every single one of the various possible encounters with the horses.

Those who embark on a journey with a horse, embark on a journey to themselves. At the Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie Mühlviertler Kernland (Mühlviertler Kernland equestrian adventure academy), this journey is accompanied individually by qualified trainers, riding instructors, riding educators, and horse enthusiasts. The variety of learning from and with horses - embedded in a unique landscape - becomes the passion of guests and locals. The foundation for it is rather simple: three fourths of quality of life for horses and humans, mixed with mindfulness, a down-to-earth attitude, safety, and warmth.
This results in a horseback riding region that makes both human and horse feel comfortable and where they join each other for a part of their journey. Accompanied, assisted, and supported. Whether you would like to come for a trial session, training, further education, self-awareness, or personal growth - immerse yourself into the world of horses, and discover new aspects of life.

The Mühlviertler Kernland is also a paradise for travelling riders with their own or rented horses. Here, you are in the centre of more than 1,000 marked bridlepaths.

We are looking forward to seeing you and our four and two-legged companions. To be able to fully open up to these great beings as a person, and never to stop learning from and with horses is what we horse enthusiasts in the Mühlviertler Kernland consider special about a good relationship between man and horse! Open up - to horses, to yourself, and to the unique Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie Mühlviertler Kernland.

Accessibility / arrival

​Drive down Linzerstraße (Linzerstraße road) and take a turn into the old part of town at the intersection with traffic lights by the post office. The second alley on your left-hand side is the Waaggasse (Waaggasse alley) - after only a few metres, you will find the corner building called “Haus der Region” (house of the region) on the right-hand side.

There, you will receive information for tourists as well as the map of bridlepaths and the brochure of the Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie Mühlviertler Kernland (Mühlviertler Kernland equestrian adventure academy).

Parking fees

Times subject to charges: Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Parking fees for short-term parking zones in the city centre: 1 hour = 50 cents, 1.5 hours = 1 euro; the first 15 minutes are free of charge - please display parking disc visibly!

Travelling by public transport
Route planner for independent travellers

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Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie Mühlviertler Kernland (Mühlviertler Kernland equestrian adventure academy)
Summeraustrasse 1
4261 Rainbach im Mühlkreis

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Phone +43 7949 6316
mobile +43 664 5001297

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