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There are countless variations of honey, like wine. On the one hand it depends on the area in which the beehives are set up, on the other hand on the Season.

Our bees are all in the Mühlviertel. Typical for this area are cider fruit trees, flower meadows with dandelions and clovers, blackberries, raspberries and spruce forests. Because of the small farms, there are no large areas with monocultures and therefore no pure honeys.


Depending on the date of the honey harvest, more or less blossom or forest honey is included. Mixed honey has the advantage that it is very harmonious and aromatic. Pure honeys are often somewhat idiosyncratic in taste, e.g. B. chestnut honey, which tastes bitter.

Another advantage is the extensive management of the land. Since there isn't much growing in our area anyway, most farmers don't bother to create large fields. Meadows and small grain fields for the production of feed for the cows dominate. Fertilization is usually done only once with natural fertilizer. Many farmers work organically. Of course, this is good for the bees and therefore for the honey.

We offer folding honeys:

Flower honey: mostly as cream honey, because flower honey crystallizes within 4 - 5 weeks. Cream honey is stirred during crystallization and thus gets its spreadability. It is ideal for children - there are no spills and drops and it tastes very mild.

Forest honey: This honey is very popular because of its ability to stay liquid for a long time. You can recognize it by its dark color (can be almost black) and by its spicy, somewhat resinous taste.

Chocolate honey: This is cream honey mixed with cocoa powder. Due to the brown color, children like to use it as a substitute for the chocolate spread.

Our packaging sizes are:

1 kg

0.5 kg

0.25 kg

40 g serving glasses

Honey lasts a long time in the jar, but if it is opened, moisture or other contaminants can get in and it starts to ferment. The licked spoon or the butter knife in honey thus shorten the shelf life. That is why it is better with children to use smaller glasses and to use them as soon as possible.

The beekeeping can be visited at this location and the fires are available for tasting. Opening times from the farm sale: by appointment.

The distillery is located in Weitersfelden at the following address:
Ronald Höllwarth distillery Ollmann
Weitersfelden 110, 4272 Weitersfelden
Tel. +43 (0) 7942 214 52

The Distillery & Beekeeping Ollmann is a family business in the Mühlviertel. The beekeeping is run by Stefan and Anna Ollmann (master beekeeper) as part of agriculture in Bad Leonfelden. Son-in-law Ronald Höllwarth runs the distillery with his wife Michaela, which has been located in Weitersfelden since summer 2011. One focus of the house is the processing of honey into high-quality brandies and liqueurs. We are researching the use of various yeast strains to ferment honey in order to achieve an optimal result.

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    Beekeeping Ollmann
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    4190 Bad Leonfelden

    Phone +43 7213 8807

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    Family Anna und Stefan Ollmann
    4190 Bad Leonfelden

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