© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Okolicsanyi: Typisch Mühlviertler Steinbloß-Bauernhof
Das Bild zeigt einen typischen Mühlviertler Steinbloß-Bauernhof.

Organic region Mühlviertel

Experience indulgence in the granite highland

The Mühlviertel invites you to experience indulgence as a particular attitude towards life. The organic region Mühlviertel connects producers of honest organic foods with experiences that you can experience during a visit to the region.

We represent experiencing how indulgence comes to life in the region - our businesses allow the guest a look behind the scenes, and also offer the opportunity to enjoy these honest products of premium quality. From dairy and cheese farmers to a lama farm, from vegetable farmers to breweries, many organic businesses look forward to your visit.

The unique cooperation in the region becomes tangible when you experience the excellent network of our partner businesses, from premium hotels to a holiday on an organic farming business. Excursion tips that connect demonstration businesses, activities likes hiking, manufacturing tours and tastings will complete your holiday in the organic region Mühlviertel. For specialised excursions on the topics of "organic" and "regional development", there are special excursion programmes available, in which you can choose from a broad selection of topics.

Organic Region Mühlviertel represents…

  • Best quality in food from the Mühlviertel
  • Food htat consumers can rely on
  • The cooperation of the whole region - covering all areas. From agricultural operations right through to municipal administration and interest groups, everyone is involved.
  • Active, honest people who like to pass on their knowledge to guests
  • People who are open for honest cooperation
  • A concept of life that is more than just offering consumer products and services

The Mühlviertel organic businesses stand behing their products and services - and also invite you to visit them

Organic Region can be experienced…

  • with the products from our partner businesses
  • with holidays, excursions to our businesses
  • in our dining and hotel businesses
  • with our unique food products of highest regional quality
  • on day trips to the organic region, where activities, shopping and consumerism become and experience.


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