© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/davidlugmayr: Winterreiten mit Weitblick im Mühlviertel
Das Bild zeigt zwei Reiter im Winter, die auf einem Weg nebeneinander her reiten und den Weitblick genießen.

Going through the winter wonderland on horseback

Winter riding and horse-drawn sleigh rides in the Mühlviertel

The freshly fallen snow dampens the sound of hooves. The fresh winter air sees small clouds rising from the nostrils of the horses. In the distance the bluebird sky of winter meets the white hilly landscape of the Mühlviertel. And the setting sun shows horse and rider where they are free to roam.

In the horse empire of the Mühlviertel alpine pasture, the promenade riders will find their home. These are horse lovers who have never seen a difference between winter and summer. Quite to the contrary, considering that the winter landscape of the region has a special kind of charm: woods are coated in white, streams bubble through valleys turned into winter wonderlands. This enchantment is only heightened when horses trace the first tracks through a blanket of fresh snow.

The Freistadt Region has established its own Riding Experience Academy. Here not only riders feel at home, but also carriage and particularly in the winter sleigh drivers. While woods blanketed in snow pass by, the little bells of the horse’s harness softly jingle. Such a sleigh ride is the essence of the romantic beauty of winter.

That is also common knowledge in the Böhmerwald, where the winter landscapes meet the forest-covered hills. Huge trees enveloped in glittering white line the path of the horse-drawn sleigh. Where the Mühlviertel shows its highest peaks, the highland nature of the landscape is particularly evident. That is something that the native horses also appreciate.


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