Finding the way in the Mühlviertel

The hilly highland has all the conditions necessary for a cross-country paradise

The Mühlviertel is situated in the “High North” of Upper Austria. Therefore it seems only logical to approach the expanse of the granite highland from the “Nordic” point of view. So, having waxed your cross-country skis, off we go, striding out on the winter tracks.

The landscape of the Mühlviertel is certainly an almost perfect combination for cross-country skiing: the hilly nature challenges athletes repeatedly with juicy ascent, but then rewards them with the momentum of relaxing descents. Although the path often passes through seeminly ancient winter forests, the Mühlviertel opens out regularly onto breathtaking views. Then the ey can bask in a series of white hills extending to the horizon, where in the south in the distance the Alps rise up. These are the moments in which the soul takes flight and dances into the distance on the cold winter air.

The centre of cross-country skiing in the Mühlviertel is the Nordic Centre Böhmerwald. Around 80 kilometres of tracks criss-cross the heights of the three country corner of Austria – German – Czech Republic. Cross-country lessons here will polish your technique. The entertainment cross-country track „Spi-Lo“ gives the younger generation a gentle introduction to the Nordic wintersport.

But also in other locations in the Mühlviertel, pre-cut cross-country tracks allow you to access the most beautiful view. In Bad Leonfelden the Sternstein provides a true cross-country paradise. The Active world Freiwald and the Winter sports arena Liebenau are centres for cross-country skiing in the region Mühlviertler Alm. The Freistadt Region has shown its cross-country network in a handy cross-country guide. And that is indeed nearly 200 kilometers of winter sports fun. Around 30 kilometers of pre-cut cross-country tracks can be found in and around Bad Zell. From the flat circuit course that is suitable for beginners, through the challenging rooms into the hill country. Just the same as the Mühlviertel challenges its cross-country skiers in return for an equally rich reward.

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