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Hiking in the granite heights of the Mühlviertel

Going on foot, thereby hiking, is the most natural mode of movement for humans. With the speed innate to them, humans become more open and receptive to the valuable details of hills and heights of the Mühlviertel: one feels the power that emanates from the landscape. One recognises how the granite built the landscape. one can stop at any time and gaze far into the distance. In short: hiking reveals the character of the Mühlviertel, its culture and its uniqueness. 

Whether it is the themed and circular hiking routes for a quick excursion or the great stage and long distance hiking routes for a profound insight into the region: If you lace up you hiking bookts in the Mühlviertel, you will be starting out on a journey of discovery. This can lead to the past, where history and artisan tradition come alive. On the Medieval Experience Route in Freistadt or in the Mühlviertel Weaving Country around Ahorn, Afiesl, Haslach, Helfenberg and St. Stefan. The Horse Railway Hiking Path in the Freistadt Rgion leads back to the beginnings of rail transport. In contrast, the Planets Path between Freistadt and Sandl leads to a greater dimension. The „Hand auf's Herz hiking route ("Cross your heart") however leads to the realm of emotions“ in Afiesl - to fall in love with! 

Nature as a recharging station for strength and energy is constantly present in the Mühlviertel. For example on the twelve circular hikingpaths into the truly "stone rich" area surrounding Bad Zell. Gigantic granite blocks constantly confront walkers with the question of how nature creates such wonders. In the Freistadt region ther Ornithology hiking route in Gutau showcases the biosphere of our feathered friends. The power and energy that come from the granite can be felt on the Chakra hiking route Eibenstein. Along the historic Iron Curtain, for nearly 50 years nature was left alone by humans. The result are biosphere for rare flora and fauna that are now under conservation protection. An example for this is the Natura2000 conservation area along the Maltsch on the "green ribbon of Europe". Speaking of borders: hiking routes in the nothern Mühlviertel lead back and forth over the Czech border - for example the Border Country circular route starting from Bad Leonfelden. On many other hiking routes of the TraumArena, in the Böhmerwald, in Bad Leonfelden or in the Freistadt Region the borderless Europe becomes quite practically tangible. 

Long distance and stage hiking routes

Once travellerse have been infected with the Mühlviertel variant of hiking fever, there is no way back. then the long distance and stage routes of the granite region will be on the touring agenda. A selection of long distance and stage hiking routes in the Mühlviertel can be found here.

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Regardless of whether for a day trip or for a multi-day walk; find the right hiking route in the Mühlviertel with different difficulty levels and hiking times.

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Natural spectacles in the Mühlviertel

In the Mühlviertel you will find numerous guided hiking tours and activities where you can discover the region in a new and surprising way. A list of natural spectacles in the Mühlviertel can be found  here.

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