Long distance hiking routes

Discover the fascination of multi-day walks!

As soon as travellers are infected wtih the Mühlviertel variant of hiking fever, there is no way back. then the long distance and stage hiking routes are on the touring agenda: the Castles and Palaces route. Over a cross-border route of 130 kilometres from the Vltava through the Mühlviertel Heartland and the Mühlviertel alpine pasture, all the way to the Danube, 15 historical buildings await you. The Johannesweg auf der Mühlviertel alpine pasture is 80 kilometres long and opens up greated human connection over three or four day stages. The Nordwaldkammweg traces the heights of the central European river. From the highest points of the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest), it leads over 144 kilometres straight across the Mühlviertel. A route variation for the way covers 179 kilometres, some of these on the Czech side of the border. In the Böhmerwald, the Mühlviertel rises to over 1,300 metres. This is where the Böhmerwald circular route runs as „the Deceleration Path“. The 127 kilometer walk takes between three and seven days, depending on stamina. And as the name hints: hiking leads people back to the speed for which body and soul were made.

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