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Natural bathing places at ponds and rivers in the Mühlviertel

Water from the ancient stone, clear as glass and clean, flows into streams, rivers and ponds in the Mühlviertel. This water is the elixir of life in the highest purity, giving strength and energy, and refreshing. Particularly on hot days one should and can bathe in it, as it is a jolt of cool freshness though the body and wakes the spirits. There are opportunities to do so with the numerous bathing locations in the middle of the Mühlviertel natural surroundings.

Bathing in nature, where streams and rivers gently wash against massive granite blocks. Where trees give welcome shade, the wooded landscape is the background for the refreshment in the cool moisture. Natural bathing places in the Mühlviertel can be found for example along the rivers, which cross the region from the north to the Danube in the south. At the Great Mill in Haslach for example, you will find the Freizeitzentrum Kranzling (Leisure Centre Kranzling) , an idyllic peninsula in the water stream of the Great Mill. At the Wirtshaus Teufelmühle in Auberg, not only bathers jump into the Great Mill. Here water lovers can also travel by raft.

In the middle of the Tanner Moor, near Liebenau in the Region of the Mühlviertel alpine pasture, you will find the Rubener Teich (pond). The secluded moor bathing lack is set in an unspoilt landscape. Its water is dark in colour from the moor. The Freistadt Region is nearly a “country of ponds”. Bathing ponds are enticing in Rainbach, Tragwein, Leopoldschlag, Grünbach and Windhaag near Freistadt for a refreshing dip. An unusual gem are the Rosenhofer Teiche (ponds) in Sandl. If the sun is blazing in the sky, the huge trees of the surrounding woods are reflected in the mirror surface of the water. There are also bathing opportunities in the wild valley of the Feldaist and at the Waldaist river at Pregarten and Tragwein.

If you want to cool off in the Böhmerwald you should look for the Naturbadesee (natural bathing lake) in Klaffer on the Hochficht mountain or the “swimming pond” in Sarleinsbach. Looking across to border to the Czech Republic, you can also consider the Moldaustausee (Vltava reservoir). Incidentally, there are also many hotels in the Mühlviertel have their own natural bathing pond – for example the TraumArena hotels in St. Stefan, Afiesl and Schönegg/Vorderweißenbach. There the water can unfold its calming and relaxing effect.

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