© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Erber: Wellness mit Weitblick im Mühlviertel
Das Bild zeigt zwei Damen, die am Steg auf einem Badeteich liegen und sich entspannen. Im Hintergrund hat man einen weiten Ausblick über das Mühlviertel.

Inspired slowness

The Mühlviertel allows you to unwind with exercise

Whenever you move, you will pick up speed. In the Mühlviertel this natural law does not apply. Moving, reducing speed, that is the motto here. The hills and altitude of the Mühlviertel create space for athletically active hours. That broadens horizons and creates a freedom where everyday concerns can't intrude. That is what we mean by slowing the pace.

At the same time it is important to discover the rhythm of the landscape. Hiking is especially good for this. After all, people are naturally made for hiking. The slow movement, literally, also opens your eyes while  hiking for the small things in life and in nature - and thereby cleanses the soul. Mysterious pieces of granite, weathered over millenia, allow your imagination to take flight: how did these bizarre formations come to be here exactly? The inclines and dips of the hills take turns in working the leg muscles; that is what feeling the Mühlviertel means.

cycling . If you enjoy pedalling, then the Mühlviertel will be an athletic prospect. The alternation of ascent and descent, between relaxation and effort, is the heartbeat of the highland. Touring cyclists take things a little slower and more leisurely. They might also get on an e-bike, which makes a few hills easier. Racing cyclists would prefer the faster heartbeat of the Mühlviertel. The want to physically feel what it is they are up against. This is a challenge also sought by Mountain-bikers. What is harder - cyclists' calves or granite? Find out the answer in the Mühlviertel.

It is horses who have an instinctive connection with the nature of the Mühlviertel. Riders are able to make use of this "earthing". They forge a close relationship with the animal, following the rise and fall of the landscape. They explore riverbeds and delve into thick forests. Apart from the sounds of the forest and the field, only the clip-clop of the hooves and the snorting of the horses can be heard. Freedom in the Mühlviertel also means being released from the the burdens of everyday concerns.

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Examples of exercise facilities in the Mühlviertel

Bad Zell


Die sanfte Hügellandschaft auf einer Seehöhe von ca. 500 m und ein mildes Reizklima bieten ideale Voraussetzungen zum Wandern, Laufen und Nordic Walken. Ausgangspunkt der Rundwanderwege ist beim Parkplatz Lebensquell/Volksschule.Wanderkarte…

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Aussichtswarte SternGartl-Blick.jpg

Aussichtswarte "SternGartl Blick"-Runde R4

2h 11m


7,80 km

zur Tour

4 Tage Besonderheiten entdecken am Weg der Entschleunigung

78 km in 4 Tagen inkl. Gepäcktransfer

Zeitraum: 17.04.2021 - 30.10.2021
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6 Tage Natur erleben am Weg der Entschleunigung

115 km in 6 Tagen inkl. Gepäcktransfer und Lunchpaket

Zeitraum: 17.04.2021 - 30.10.2021
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Pilgern im Böhmerwald - auf der Spur des Lebens

Aufbrechen, Unterwegssein und Ankommen am Weg der Entschleunigung

Zeitraum: 29.09.2021 - 01.10.2021
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