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Strength comes from calm

Energy pulses through the powerful locations in the hills of the Mühlviertel. 

Where does the Mühlviertel get its power and energy? It comes from the deep, say some, from where the granite has been formed over millennia. It is in the character of the landscape, claim others. And the higher the highland rises, the more it becomes noticeable. It is part of the air, say those in the know. It "flows" amongst the trees of mysterious forests, whose roots grasp onto moss-covered cliffs.

Sie alle sind sich aber in einem Punkt einig: Das Mühlviertel ist eine Region der Kraftplätze. Für deren Puls haben manche Menschen ein sehr feines Sensorium. Und so ist es kein Wunder, dass manche dieser nahezu magischen Orte seit vielen Generationen bekannt sind.

These places massive energy flow can have different faces. Sometimes it is a formation of round sanded granite boulders. Stacked on top of each other as if directly by a ghostly hand, they are surrounded by mysterious stories. Was it perhaps after all a giant who simply lost his marble here? At other points, power seems to flow from a riverbed, that has burrowed into the undergrowth. The transformative power of water is gradual. But it is the form of energy that has formed our environment and continues to change it constantly.

A remote place in the middle of the forest that exudes a magical stillness. An old cult location, where a small church stands. A lookout point, which opens hearts for the inspiring power of the wide open space. All these places are likes pores, through which an apparently hidden source of energy bubbles to the surface. The true power of the Mühlviertel however lies in slowing the pace of life to a natural rhythm. For it is only then that we can be receptive to the calm that resides in the hills of the highland. And that would actually be the solution to the conundrum - because we know that strength is in stillness.

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