That's the taste of the Mühlviertel

Specialities from the granite country - from beer to smoked bacon

What does the Mühlviertel taste of? A beer aficionado would answer straightaway, bitter-hoppy. Aromatic-spicy, says the herbal expert. It has the taste and the strength of linseed oil, knows the gourmet. And the robust aroma of smoky bacon and Most apple wine, as the insider will add. The great thing: each of them is right.

It is indeed a beer country, the Mühlviertel. For more than 500 years, brewing has taken place in the north of Austria. There is hardly anyone who has not tried the art of brewing here: the clergy, such as the Monastic Brewery Schlägl which is the oldest still existing monastery brewery in Austria. The citizens, who still in the 21st century defend their beer in the Braucommune Freistadt. And of course private individuals, as exemplified by the family-owned Brauerei Hofstetten. The Mühlviertel breweries have one thing in common: they are relatively small and highly specialised in their products. The soft ancient stone water characterises the taste of the beers just like the hops. Which, how could it be otherwise, also grows in the Mühlviertel.

The particular climate of the Mühlviertel is not only good for the hops, herbs also thrive here. The farmers of the Moutain herb cooperative (Bergkräuter-Genossenschaft) in Hirschbach have also made this experience. They absorb the power and flavour of the Mühlviertel soil, developing intensive aroma and taste, before finding their way into the kitchens of the country, either pure or as a spice or tea mixture. A real Mühlviertel speciality.

Just like for that matter, linseed oil. In these bottles you can find the whole health potential of linseed oil. And growing flax has a long tradition in the Mühlviertel, dominated as it is by weaving. Accordingly, the oil mill in Haslach is already more than 600 years old. And still the golden oil is dripped into bottles.

But anyone with a sweeth tooth will also find themselves at home in the Mühlviertel: in the Lebzeltarium, Lebkuchen experience world of the traditional Lebkuchen manufacturer Kastner in Bad Leonfelden, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Lebkuchen, learn interesting information on the history and raw ingredients of this old bakery product and can even make their own contribution with Lebkuchen decorating. 
Such a trip through the world of sweet delights gives you a taste for more - lucky that the factory shop and the Lebzelter Café are right next to the Lebkuchen factory.

Austere as the country are its specialities. Like almost everywhere in Upper Austria, Most apple wine, made from special apple and pear varieties, is a popular third-quencher. In the past few years, it has experienced an unbelievable revival and a qualitative blossoming. It is drunk at a refreshment stop, the Austrian tradition of the "Jause". And there, a traditional Mühlviertel smoked bacon in all its spiced flavour also must not be left out. It is served up well seasoned and smoked....

...and not only to the refreshment table. Because what would the Mühlviertel be without its chefs, who are not only great hosts but also know how to show off the local specialities with culinary skill. For example, the smoked bacon in the form of the baked bacon dumplings so typical of the region. Or the linseed oil in its traditional form as linseed oil potatoes. And with it of course, how could it be otherwise, a Mühlviertel beer.

And the taste of the Mühlviertel can now be taken home or given as a gift - with the Mühlviertel gourmet box.

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