© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Röbl: Blueprint tradition in the Mühlviertel
Blueprint tradition in the Mühlviertel

Gothic Road

The Gothic area in the Mühlviertel - unbelievable treasures await you.

In the Mühlviertel, incredible treasures of the Gothic period have survived the later waves of Baroque and today are stops on the Mühlviertel Gothic route all around Freistadt. If you stand in front of the finely chiselled altar , you may not yet realise that on the route in Waldburg another church awaits with three such artworks.

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Particular cultural

Kirche Rainbach
Rainbach im Mühlkreis

Gothic Church


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Pfarrkirche Kefermarkt


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St. Thomas am Blasenstein

Pilgrimage Church


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Kirche Pregarten

Parish Church

The Parish Church of Pregarten is a superb example of neo Gothic architecture and was erected between 1893 and 1897. The design was entrusted to Otto Schirmer, one of the most eminent church architects of his generation.The nave has three aisles. The…

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Hagenberg im Mühlkreis

Castle (Altburg & Local Authority Center)

Hagenberg Castle, which almost was let gone to rack and ruin, has been rehabilitated into a Center of Science, Administration and Culture. The local commune purchased the Hagenberg Castle with financial support by the Upper Austrian government in…

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Kirche Neumarkt
Neumarkt im Mühlkreis

Parish Church


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Maria Rast forest chapel

Names - especially older ones - always have a story.The Christian story of the Maria Rast forest chapel is this:According to pious legend, the Holy Family - that is, Joseph, Mary and Jesus - had been resting on a stone on the flight to Egypt after a…

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