Where cyclists' calves meet ancient stone

The Mühlviertel serves mountain bikers a portion of hard granite

What do mountain bikers need to be able to really pump altitude meters into their calves? So that they feel that they have been challenged to their limits? The answer is very simple. nbsp; A good portion of Mühlviertel granite, spiced with juicy ascents to stunning panoramic viewpoints and exciting descents.

The Mühlviertel does not demonstrate its strength straightaway at first glance to mountain bikers. It starts reticently on the banks of the Danube. But soon the road rises to the north, swinging between 500 and 1000 metres above sea level and then exploding to more than 1,300 metres at the highest points of the Böhmerwaldes. It is the Große Granitlandrunde (Great Granite Country Circuit) in the western Mühlviertel, which captures the whole character of the Mühlviertel from the valley of the Danube through to the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)and the TraumArena in the North. Only with the typical character of the Mühlviertel as a panoramic highland can it be explained that a route of 257 kilometres gathers an impressive 6,600 meters of ascent. The granite country has eleven tours in its portfolio. Mountain bike hosts and other specialised partner businesses have dedicated themselves to cycling enjoyment.

The Böhmerwald is naturally destined to be a mountain-biking paradise, as the highest region of the Mühlviertels. The 20 kilometer Hochwald Mountainbike Route in Schwarzenberg in the Böhmerwald is the calling card of the region. Here a summit height of nearly 1200 metres are to be conquered. The Freistadt Region und Bad Leonfelden as well as the Mühlviertlel alpine pastureAlm are incorporated into the cross-border cycle country Mühlviertel-Southern Bohemia. If you climb up into the hills on your bike here, it is particularly a wide panoramic view that you will win. Wide in the truest sense of the word – particularly in the Mühlviertel Heartland, there are many stops along the way inviting you to rest and discover: the “Hoh-Haus” on the Buchberg in Lasberg, der impressive Thuryhammer near Freistadt or the Castle Weinberg near the Kefermarkt.

Cyclists measure themselves against the best

Which is harder – the cyclist’s calf or the Mühlviertel granite? In the search for the answer to this question, there are many bike races in the region. There amateur cyclists can measure themselves against real professionals and of course against the clock. The weekend of Pentecost is reserved for the granite marathon in Kleinzell. In August, the “Mühlviertel 8000“ is on the agenda: teams of eight athletes complete the distance between the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest) and Freistadt, over eight disciplines. In addition to mountain-biking, the disciplines of swimming, mountain running, Nordic walking, racing bike, run and dirt run are the disciplines. The late summer then belongs to the Granitbeisser (Granite eater) Mountain Marathon on the Mühlviertel alpine pasture. That is where quite a few cyclists have eaten granite…

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Over gentle granite hills, straight across blossoming meadows and woods and along gushing streams and rivers, this is the path of the mountain-bike tours in the Mühlviertel. You will also feel the power of the region in steep ascents and fast descents.


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