A jump into the cool freshness

Water from the ancient stone, clear as glass and clean, flows into streams, rivers and ponds in the Mühlviertel. Particularly on hot days one should and can bathe in it, as it is a jolt of cool freshness though the body and wakes the spirits. There are opportunities to do so with the numerous bathing locations in the middle of the Mühlviertel natural surroundings.

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Unbelievably refreshing, Mühlviertel.

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Erber: Abkühlen beim Naturbaden im Mühlviertel
Das Bild zeigt eine Frau, die sich in einem Naturbadeteich abkühlt. Sie sprich mit ihrer Freundin, die am Steg liegt.

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River bathing in shady banks

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Build up your strength and regain your energy in the Granite Highlands

Rivers, lakes and ponds aside, visitors to the Mühlviertel will find opportunities to cool down and relax in the numerous spas that go out of their way to make use of the region’s natural resources.

The variety of health and wellness facilities is overwhelming. The region is teeming with top spa hotels with extensive sauna and pool areas as well as traditional health facilities with a wealth of wellness treatments and applications that promote health.