Without borders and with plentiful views

Hiking in the granite heights of the Mühlviertel

Hiking reveals the character of the Mühlviertel, its culture and its uniqueness. Whether it is the themed and circular hiking routes for a quick excursion or the great stage and long distance hiking routes for a profound insight into the region: If you lace up you hiking bookts in the Mühlviertel, you will be starting out on a journey of discovery. 

Strength comes from calm

Discover energy spots on foot

A remote place in the middle of the forest that exudes a magical stillness. An old cult location, where a small church stands. A lookout point, which opens hearts for the inspiring power of the wide open space. All these places are likes pores, through which an apparently hidden source of energy bubbles to the surface. The true power of the Mühlviertel however lies in slowing the pace of life to a natural rhythm.

Das Video zeigt zahlreiche Kraftplätze im Mühlviertel, die von den Menschen seit Generationen genutzt werden um zur Ruhe zu kommen und Energie zu tanken.
© Foto: Mühlviertel Marken GmbH/Hawlan: Wanderpause mit Weitblick im Mühlviertel
Das Bild zeigt eine Frau bei der Wanderpause, die am Rande einer Ruine sitzt und aus ihrer Wasserflasche trinkt.

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