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Discover the Mühlviertel with a touring bike, e-bike or road bike.

In some places the Mühlviertel is quite able to throw down the gauntlet to cyclists. That granite represents particular hardness is well known. Racing cyclists certainly love the Mühlviertel as a training ground for their calves. Touring cyclists are impressed by the wide-ranging landscapes and rely for example on the Mühlviertel cycle path: From the Danube it leads through the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest), further along the border to the Czech Republic and finally loops back to the great river at Grein. And with the battery and support engine of an e-bike, even the toughest granite hill loses its bite.

Openness gives the Mühlviertel a wide horizon. That applies not only to the landscape, which keeps rewarding cyclists intermittently with stunning views into the distance. Open in the literal sense are also the border. The cycle country map Mühlviertel-Southern Bohemia is totally dedicated to the "Green Ribbon of Europe"  - where once the "Iron Curtain" was a dividing line - and offers the right cycle tour for all tastes. In the regions of the TraumArena und Bad Leonfelden the Vlatva reservoir in Southern Bohemia is a popular goal for cycle tours. And the Böhmerwald shares a monument to engineering skill wtih ist Czech neighbours: the Schwarzenberg Flood Canal once carried firewood via the Central European river to the Danube and on to Vienna. Today cyclists follow the undulations, without having to think about borders. In order to give cyclists easier access to the beauty of nature, the holiday region of the Böhmerwald, as well as a bike bus and bike transfers, offers the opportunity of renting e-bikes.

Cyclists can also give themselves electrical support for their calves for tours in and around Bad Zell. Worthwhile destinations are for example the mysterious granite boulders of the Mühlviertel Nature Reserve. Or the castle ruins at Prandegg, which is accessible via the Aisttal cycle path. Restaurants and electrical charging stations supply new energy for cyclists and e-bikes along the cycle routes.

A comprehensive shared e-bike rental system is operated by the Freistadt  Region and the Mühlviertel alpine pasture. The advantage: the electric bikes taken out from one rental point can be returned to any other support station. This means that the hilly highland of the two regions becomes easily accessible. Managing quite without additional electrical input, the racing cyclists enjoy training the power and stamina of their calves in this region, also when training for competitions. The athletic multi-discipline contest “Mühlviertel 8000” has a finish line in Freistadt. And the bike marathon in the Freistadt regionnbsp;has also chosen the landscape around the historic trading town as a natural competition arena.

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The best bike tours offer variety with challenging ascents on granite hills and attractive, leisurely bike paths along the rivers or the Schwarzenberg flood canal. Sports enthusiasts and occasional cyclists in the Mühlviertel will get their money’s worth.


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