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Naturally healthy in the Mühlviertel

Win back energy and recharge the batteries in the granite highland

The Mühlviertel inhabitants are generally seen as robust people. But why is that the case? Is it the clear and pure highland air? Is it the granite landscape that is full of power and energy? Perhaps it is also simply that the people in this region have retained the ability of approaching the matters of life with care, calm and enjoyment. Whatever the "health" of the Mühlviertel is, its hosts know how to transmit it to their holidaymakers.

"Spa" – that is more than just massage, jacuzzi and sauna in the Mühlviertel. Yes, all that is of course also part of successful relaxation here too. And yet the Mühlviertel locals are a step ahead in their own way. That is shown for example by the TraumArena hotels, which make use of their natural resources in order to serve their guests. Hiking to proven energy spots, to recharge the internal batteries. Bathing in natural ponds. Running towards the rising sun in the morning and feeling the dewy grass underfoot. Going out to see a full moon and feel the power of the earth's satellites. Find healing springs outside in the granite. Those are only a few examples of how the Mühlviertel and its landscape become a source of strength.

The healthy potential of the Mühlviertel becomes tangible when the soil surrenders its healing treasures - for example in Bad Zell, where the inert gas Radon is used therapeutically and enriches health-focussed holidays. In the moor and Kneipp spa town Bad Leonfelden even today the natural healing moor mud is used to prevent and treat ailments. At the health resort Lebensquell Bad Zell, in addition to Radon therapy, a whole body cold chamber is used. This helps activate the immune system, getting fit, like the Mühlviertel locals are.

The good air in the heights of the Böhmerwald is also among the healthy trump cards of the Mühlviertel. A whole range of hotels has subscirbed to healt and well-being here, where the granite highland rises to its highest point. In the depths of ancient forests, an unbounded power lies hidden. Using it and combining it with traditional spa treatments is an achievement of the spa hotels in the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest).

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