© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Röbl: Blueprint tradition in the Mühlviertel
Blueprint tradition in the Mühlviertel

Castles, Gothic architecture and old handicrafts

Making use of the cultural treasures of the Mühlviertel

The culture of the Mühlviertel reflects the life of the people in the granite hill country north of the Danube. The traditions of handicrafts that have been passed down play as much of a part here as the wealth of ideas, with which intelligent minds win progress from rough nature.

A prominent example of this is the Schwarzenberg Flood Canal in the Böhmerwald. Even today, this cleverly engineered system of locks and canals can be seen, with which the wood from the forests was taken via the central european river in the direction of Vienna. The horse railway from Linz to Budweis was a similar masterpiece of old Austrian engineering skill. 500 metres of reconstructed path are a fitting monument to the first railway on the European mainland in Rainbach. Rainbach ein würdiges Denkmal. Highlights of a development that has taken centuries, in which people won their living space from the forest and the granite, piece by piece.

A lasting reminder of this era is for example the Schlägl Monastery, which already has the cleared woodland in its name.

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