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A for Abbey beer to B for beer categories

Abbey beer - non-alcoholic - alcohol content - Altbier - aroma hops - beer - beer garden - beer belly - beer categories

- A -


originally a top-fermented beer brewed in Belgian monasteries. For the c. 70 abbey beer brands, it is the abbey, if it still exists, that owns the recipe and gives the beer its name. The alcohol content is 6-10.5 %. In this tradition, the monastery brewery Schlägl produces its original historical abbey beers in limited vintages.


Such beers are produced in different processes by stopping the fermentation of particular worts or extracting the alcohol from standard beers.


Is closely connected to the original wort content. Around a third of the original wort is connected to the original wort content and is listed in percentage by volume. As a rule of thumb, "minus 2 divided by 2): original wort (in degrees Plato) minus 2, this number is then divided by 2 to give the alcohol content (in percentage by volume).


A dark beer, that is brewed according to the "old" method (German: alt), so using top-fermenting.


Hops types, which give the beer less bitter but instead more aroma. Aroma types define the specific taste of the beer. The Mühlviertel hops farmers cultivate the varieties of Malling, Golding, Aurora, Hersbrucker-Spät, Pearl, Tradition Spalter-Select and Sapphire.

- B -


Beer is seen as both nutritious and as something to enjoy. It is defined as a drink containing alcohol and carbon dioxide, which through the fermentation by yeast addition is produced from the basic ingredients water, malt and hops. Beer, enjoyed in moderation, plays an important part, recognised by medical science, as the carrier of vital vitamins of the B group and of amino acids.


Are differentiated according to top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers.


An often used but not quite accurate description for a mostly round and tight belly in men. Beer only makes people fat when it is combined with heavy, high-fat meals or consumed in excessive quantities.


For taxes and food regulations, in Austria the following classifications apply: Abzugsbier with 9 to 10 degrees original wort, Vollbier with 12 to 15 degrees original wort, (this is the most popular, for example Pils, Lager or Märzen beer), special beer with at least 13 degrees of original wort, stout beer with 16 degrees original wort or more (for example bock beers, Porter).