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B for beer glass to B for brewing star

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There are many specific glasses for the different beer types. The modern designers have also addressed beer glasses and developed new shapes. Special beers are often sampled in special tasting glasses, such as those offered by the members of the "Mühlviertel Wirtshauskultur" (see there).


Has comprehensive beer knowledge on the basis of well-founded theoretical information and sound practical experience. This includes the complete harmony of food and beer as well as professional cellar management, beer tap hygiene, pouring technique, service or administrative tasks. The training course BEER-JUNIOR SOMMELIER, BEER SOMMELIER and DIPLOMA BEER SOMMELIER has been an official educational provision of the Austrian brewing industry since 2006. In the Mühlviertel one can be trained up to become a beer sommelier at the Freistadt beer academy.


Defined by a typical combination of certain qualities (such as brewing style ,colour, ingredients, alcohol content, shelf life and of course taste). A beer type will typically have several beer brands, therefore a single beer brand is in most cases not its own beer type. Wikipedia current has 75 pages with beer types.


Umbrella term to categorise beer using sensory characteristics (above all appearance, smell, taste) and values (above all original wort, alcohol, colour, bitterness).


The monastic brewery of Schlägl, the brewing commune in Freistadt and the Hofstetten brewery set a signal in this association for the unique history and quality of the Mühlviertel brewer's art. Beer sommelier World Champion Karl Schniffner, landlord of the beer tavern Schiffner and the fourth member of the group, is also able to publicise the group internationally with his knowledge and experience.


The Mühlviertel, Lower Bavaria and Southern Bohemia are known amongst connoisseurs as regions with a highly developed and high quality beer culture. The regional beer specialities as well as the high level of knowledge about the art of brewing have great potential to be noticed together in the heart of Europe, and to give tourism some good momentum. Under the project title "BeerWorldRegion", several partners have spent years working towards developing and marketing innovative services and tourist products all about the topic of beer.


Hops types which contain particularly high amounts of bitters (alpha acid). In the Mühlviertel, the bitter types called Magnum and Taurus are produced.


The fine cream foam on a freshly drawn beer in the glass. The white colour comes from the foam bubbles, in which the protein contains carbon dioxide and air. Colouring agents cannot stick to proteins, which means that a nearly pure white is created.


Is one of the stout beers. Bock beers can be top or bottom fermented, its original wort content must be over 16 degrees Plato. Its alcohol content is at around 6.5 % Vol. (and over). It is available in light and dark, but also as a wheat Bock.


The six-point brewing, beer or Zoigl star is made of two intertwined equal-sided triangles. As the guild symbol of the brewers and malters, it symbolises the three elements involved in brewing, fire, water and air as well as the ingredients known in the Middle Ages, water, malt and hops. (The significance of yeast during fermentation was not yet known at the time, and was called simply "stuff"). The brewing star developed into the emblem of the BeerWorldRegion (see there).