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M for mash to A for aftertaste

Maische - Malt - Malthouse - Märzen - Mühlviertel Marken GmbH - Mühlviertel Wirtshauskultur - secondary fermentation - aftertaste

- M -


Comes from Maischen - mixing malt mash and water. In the brewing water, the components of malt needed for brewing separate - the wort is created (see there).


Cereals (usually barley, sometimes wheat or even other cereals) after the approximately 7-day process of "malting". This is an imitation of the process of germination of the corn in the soil. The kernels are made to germinate and then dried on the drying kiln. Malting makes malt sugar from starch - which the yeast can transform into alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation.


Here barley is processed into malt. Austria's only malthouse is in Hoffstetten in the Mühlviertel; it is currently being reactivated.


A bottom-fermented Vollbier, which used to be, when brewing could only take place in winter, brewed stronger in March, in order to protect it for longer against spoiling due to the higher alcohol content.


The Mühlviertel is the part of Upper Austria north of the Danube. For the development of tourism there, the leading Mühlviertel tourist associations founded a collective limited company, which works together with OÖ Tourismus to strengthen the image and profile of the destination or the Mühlviertel brand.


Established itself as a cooperation of innkeepers and hotels in the Mühlviertel and today also includes breweries and hops farmers. Founded on the occasion of the regional exhibition in 2013, the association, with high quality regional dishes, regional beers and above average beer knowledge, ensures new culinary and tourist momentum. 

- N -


In storage tanks, the young beer ferments under pressure and matures, and simultaneously gains carbon dioxide.


Also known as rounding off or finish. Remains as a flavour and taste impression after swallowing the beer. Should certainly not be too short and forms a harmonic, gently finishing "arc". Is often carried by hops bitters.