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X for Xantholohumol to Z for Zwickelbier

Xantholohumol - Drawing - Zwickel - Zwickelbier

- X -


The natural plant component was discovered in hops back in 1913. In the newest international research, it is shown to be effective against the creation and development of cancer cells or tumours. It can neutralise free radicals ("capture" them) and thus contributes to the preservation of body cells.

- Z -


Barrel beer is poured into the glass through the beer tap. A very important activity, when many factors need to be taken into account. For example, the beer tap must never go into the beer glass. How to draw a beer properly is a skill to be learned. Tapping a barrel, carbon dioxide reduction vent, connecting the carbon dioxide hose and the stopcock, requires many skills which are taught amongst others in the Freistädter Beer Academy. Above all it is important when drawing beer to avoid losing beer and carbon dioxide. The influence of carbon dioxide on beer is decisive for its appearance, taste and wholesomeness. Proper drawing also involves the correct pouring of the beer flowing from the tap into the glass, which is held at a slight angle.


The Zwickel is a small tap, attached to the upper half of the storage tank, in order to take beer samples easily from the tank.


The brewers also used to drink another beer before home time. It was taken directly from the storage tank at the Zwickel (see there), from which the name Zwickel beer developed. It describes an unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer.