© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/davidlugmayr.at: Schneeschuhwandern in der winterlichen Idylle des Mühlviertels
Das Bild zeigt ein Paar beim Schneeschuhwandern im tief verschneiten Mühlviertel.

Exercise in the quiet of the Mühlviertel

Snow and ice provide athletic winter delights in the Mühlviertel

Winter changes the Mühlviertel. A white cap settles on the granite blocks, meadows and woods are covered in snow. Streams and small ponds freeze over. Now is the time to adapt your sporting activities to the conditions of the season, because exercise is important even in the cold months.

You will only really experience how clear the air of the Mühlviertel is when the temperature falls in the winter. If you go outside then, feeling the snow crunching underfoot, you will quickly feel the energy that is stored in the winter air. In the Mühlviertel we know many ways of getting the energy of winter pumping through your lungs. In all the regions of the granite highland, winter hiking paths have been created which show the way across the expanse of the snow-covered hills. If you venture further out into the winter world, you can cover a lot of land on snow shoes. In earlier times, these hiking aides helped the foresters to get through the snowy woods quickly. Today they are a popular alternative throughout the Mühlviertel to the traditional winter sports.

As soon as the cold winds of winter make lakes freeze to ice, the people of the Mühlviertel come back to their secret national winter sport, curling. The sticks carved of wood should glide over the ice as energetically and elegantly as possible. The team whose sticks come closest to the goal are the winners. The losers have to pay the roast dinner afterwards at the inn for the whole group. That is the tradition, which has remained the same today.

Ice-skating on fast blades, speedy sledging, an excursion with dog-sleds or getting around fast with the Skidoo. The Mühlviertel makes people move one way or the other. In the end however, everything always returns to peace and quiet. Why not build a snowman, the way we used to; or lie in the external Jacuzzi in front of the hotel and take in the view over the white hills stretching out. Then the power of the Mühlviertel winter has got under your skin.

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