Golf in the wide expanse of the highland

In the Mühlviertel, the energy of the landscape flows into a beautiful game

A powerful swing of the iron and with a clearly audible “plop”, a small white ball is on its way. It rises into the sky over the hill landscape of woods and meadows of the Mühlviertel. Describing a perfect arc, it sinks down onto the green. After a few bounces it stays down. Golf in the means that the power from the granite ancient stone translates directly into a powerful game.

There are six golf courses in the Mühlviertel, and the landscape background in which they are set could not be more varied. Still at the level of the great river of Europe is the Golfclub Donau Freizeitland Linz-Feldkirchen in the Danube region. Here it is the expanse of the space that fascinates and gives your game wings. The exact opposite is represented by the Golfpark Böhmerwald in Ulrichsberg. Ist 18-hole course adapts itself perfectly to the undulations of the Mühlviertel highland, the highest points of which are here. Sort of half way between these two poles is the position of the Golfclub Pfarrkirchen in the Mühlviertel . Inspiration from Scotland, the birthplace of the sport of golf, were the origin of this nine-hole course. Special courses in Pfarrkirchen are based on the energy emanating from the depths of the ancient stone and the wide expanse that opens the mind, for a mentally strong game. 

The Golfclub Sterngartl is situated in the heart of the Mühlviertels at a refreshing sea level of 600 metres. In the clear, Mühlviertel air, this course is built from the components that the Mühlviertel has relied upon for generations: granite, water, nature. How impressive the expanse of the Mühlviertel can be, is shown by the golf club St. Oswald near Freistadt. The longest par 6 in Europe is 612 metres long here. With ist direct proximity to the regional capital however, the Linzer Golfclub in Luftenberg can compete on points.

First the powerful, precise game, then the deep relaxation and indulgence. Many hotels in the Mühlviertel work closely with the golf clubs. They offer their guests good value green fees, thereby opening the world of the beautiful game to golfers in the Mühlviertel. And indulge them with spas and the treasures of the Mühlviertel traditional cuisine. That is the case for example for the packages of the Golfregion Danube - Böhmerwald, in which hotels and golf clubs put together integrated packages. Or for the hotels of the TraumArena, which offer reduced green fees.

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