BeerWorldRegion Mühlviertel

The BeerWordRegion has established itself as a cooperation of innkeepers and hotels in the Mühlviertel.

Founded on the occasion of the regional exhibition in 2013, the association has introduced a fresh culinary spin. The member businesses are established in the region and come together to a lived and experienced quality partnership. High value regional and seasonal product characterise the cuisine. With the shared focus on beer as well as authentic and contemporary dishes, the region becomes tangible for all guests.

Beer competence in focus

The BeerWorldRegion aims to contribute to more regional beer competence and better education of the guests. Together with Mühlviertel Marken GmbH, some quality criteria were developed for the member businesses and the cooperation with the regional breweries was reinforced. This includes the qualifications of the employees, the training of the beer sommeliers, or the selection of regional beers. Hops farmers are also involved in the cooperation, after all the Mühlviertel is the largest hops cultivation area in Austria.

Voucher card as a gift

A central innovation of the member businesses is the shared voucher in a bank card format: the ideal gift for guests and partners, suppliers and employees, friends and family. A proprietary app enables the holder to check the balance on the card and provides information on the member businesses 


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