© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Einzenberger: Jízda na koni v Mühlviertelu
Jízda na koni v Mühlviertelu

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Saddle up and go for a ride

The Mühlviertel as a playground for horse and rider

The Mühlviertel is a natural landscape, where rider and horse can become one. Granite hills covered in woods and meadows, with valleys plunging steeply through them, in which rivers bubble southwards to the Danube. In the saddle, looking of the waves of the highland to a seemingly endless expanse, while in the west the sun goes down in a blaze of crimson. From deep within, this landscape breathes a power that makes man and beast into one being and carries them out into nature.

Trail riding is the equestrian sport that promises the most direct contact to the landscape and nature. On winding paths and bridle paths, get to where the spirit of the Mühlviertel expands completely authentically. Between moss-covered granite boulders, crossing glass-clear streams, or on meadows, horses thundering across while the rider dares to reach for the horizon. The Equestrian realm of the Mühlviertel alpine pasture has dedicated itself fully to trail riding. A region that has covered itself in a network of 700 kilometres of marked bridle paths. The fixed points within it are the rider guesthouses and horse stops, which provide support points, accommodation and feed stations for man and beast. Eight relax and experience spots offer relaxation in-between, and simultaneously encourage the horse and its human companion to be active.

In order to allow riders to truly experience the unique features of the Mühlviertels, in the Freistadt Region die the Riding Experience Academy (Reit-Erlebnis-Akademie) was established. Qualified riding establishments can use the infrastructure of the regional bridle path network for their packages. The focus is on the education of horse and human, learning about horses when interacting with animals, the adventure of horses in the natural surroundings of the Mühlviertel and events all around horses and riding.

The essence of a riding holiday in the is the specialised rider guesthouses and hostels. They provide horses and riders with accommodation and service, offer guided rides and riding holiday packages. From the Mühlviertel alpine meadow and the regions of Freistadt and Bad Leonfelden right up to the heights of the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest). With granite under their hooves and the wind of freedom around their noses, the sky is wide and the road becomes the journey becomes the reward.

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